Dear Son {Letters from my heart}…

Dear Son {Letters from my heart}…

Dear Son

Dear Son,

I have actually been meaning to sit down and write you a letter for a LONG time. My intention was to begin writing you a series of letters a couple of times a month. Why?  Well, I thought it would be good to just share with you thoughts I have, advice, whispers from my heart, as you are growing up. I should have started years ago. But, I guess better late than never right?

My hope is that you’ll hang on to these and refer back to them as you get older. Some of the letters might pertain to things that are going on in your life right now. Some, may be advice for later down the road. Sometimes it will be practical, other times on a more spiritual level It will all, however, be from my heart.

I won’t promise perfect or eloquent writing, perfect spelling, complete sentences or correct grammar. (All those wonderful and important things I have been teaching you for YOUR writing J ) But, I will promise truth, honesty, maybe a bit of transparency, whatever wisdom the Lord gives me at the time and most importantly love.

If I was a better mother, I’d probably hand write these letters to make them even more personal (and I might do a few along the way). But for some reason my brain tends to think better when I type and I type SO much faster than I write (plus you won’t have to decipher bad handwriting!)

This first letter, I just want you to truly know how much I love you. I hope you hear me say that out loud to you often. I try. The love for you I have, my son, is so deep and so great; so much that it would be impossible to put in to words. That the Lord gave you to me to raise and care for, still astounds me. I am blessed to be your mother and I MEAN that. I hope you already know this, but there is NOTHING you could ever do that would change my love for you. I know sometimes I get upset or disappointed and frustrated, but that NEVER means that I don’t love you.

I want you to know how proud I am to watch you grow and mature into a young adult. I know you’ve had your share of hard times. Such is life. I’m afraid those won’t ever go way. But, how you handle those times – that makes all the difference.  And most of the times, my son, you handled things well. And, when you haven’t, you’ve been willing to be corrected, learn from those mistakes and make better and wiser choices.

My prayer for you right now is that above all you would continue to seek the face of the Father. That you would constantly be in prayer and always striving to be more and more like the one who sacrificed His very life for you and gave EVERYTHING so that YOU could live forever in eternity with Him.

I love you son. I am proud of you. I pray for you daily and look forward to seeing you becoming the man that God wants you to be.



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  1. How beautiful. I started a special book with my first where I intended to write a letter each month to him. He is 2 1/2 and I have only written one and a half. I think that typing the letters to both of my boys (and the one on the way) would work better for us as well!


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