What is Dogma?

Understanding the dogma of the Catholic Church was something I struggled with as a Protestant. It didn’t make sense to me and honestly, I thought the Catholic Church just kind of made things up as they felt like it. Then, I began to really study the Catholic Faith. It was then I began to understand the beauty of the Church, her history and her Truths.

Dogma of the Catholic Church

I love how Mark Miravalle explains dogma:

“A dogma is a teaching of the Catholic Church that has been formally defined – either by the Pope in a formal (called ex cathedra, or “from the chair”) statement or by a Church-wide council of bishops held in union with the Pope – as true and binding for all believers. Besides formal definition, the other essential thing about dogma is that they must originate, either explicitly or implicitly, in divine revelation: whether as found in the Bible or in the oral teachings given by Jesus and passed on through the Church since its beginning. In other words, the Pope can’t just wake up one morning, declare that Jesus is from the planet Zebulon, and have that declaration suddenly become a new dogma of the Faith. It doesn’t work that way. Dogmas are rooted in existing truths of revelation; the Church does not invent new ones.”

Such a simple explanation for a sometimes very confusing topic!

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A Walk with Jesus through Lent

The Lenten season is almost over. We are now full board into Holy Week. This has been a wonderful new time for myself and our family as we have learned so much and grown in our Faith. Even though it is almost over, I want to share with you a few things we have done with our family and offer you a chance to do the same – next year!

Last year, as part of our Advent journey, we did the Jesse Tree using beautiful ornaments and a wonderful devotional from Jesse Tree Treasures! It was such a fun time of sharing and learning that I knew when Lent, Holy Week and Easter rolled around that I wanted to have a focused time during this season much like we did during Advent.

This year we are using the Walk with Jesus Through Lent disks as a way to focus ourselves through this time. These are wonderfully made and beautifully drawn disks that have an image along with a Scripture reference for each day of Lent through Easter! The beauty of these is that they are diverse and you can use them in SO many ways.

A Walk with Jesus through Lent

I bought a roll of flexible Magnetic Tape and put small piece on the back of each disk. I bought some Sheet Metal and attached some Velcro Hanging Strips strips on the back to hang to the wall. I printed a picture and some border to glue to the top and sides and… voila… the finished product:

A Journey with Jesus Finished Product

I hung the little gold bag next to it (this is what all the disks come in. The set also comes with cards that list out all the Scripture references you can use along with a color coded index of all the disks. We used this in conjunction with the Journey with Jesus Devotions from Jennifer at Catholic Inspired.

A Journey with Jesus

The children have LOVED going through these each day and hanging up the disks as we talk through the days devotion and read the Holy Scripture associate with each one. We’ve gotten to walk through the Life of Christ, where Advent and Christmas left off, all the way through Our Lord’s death and Resurrection. It is a beautiful, vivid, hands on way to align ourselves with Christ during this time and meditate on his life.

Even though Lent is almost up – you can also use this set for the 50 days of Easter!  I LOVE how versatile this set is!  You can use it any time of the year as a devotional as well.

Jesse Tree Treasures is offering my readers a chance to have their very own set! All you need to do is leave a comment to win. Share with me one thing your family does during this time to draw closer to Our Lord. Also, take a moment to check out Jesse Tree Treasures and see everything they offer. They have a beautiful Holy week and Eastertide set that we’ll be using in the future as well. IF you decide to go ahead and purchase something, just leave me a comment to tell me what you got and you’ll get entered in an extra five times to the drawing! :)   I will leave comments open through Saturday and announce with winner on Monday, after Easter!

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